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Here you can find the terms under which we do business.  These terms are quite reasonable and common sense.  If the terms do not suit you feel free to contact us to discuss the matter further.


By purchasing from us you thereby promise that if you harm anyone or anything (e.g., people, animals or property etc.) you will not hold us liable in any way nor drag us into any court case.

None of our product are rated for life support, mission critical functions, hazardous environments, critical functions, etc. Therefore do not attempt to use any of our product in a situation where failure would be harmful in any way.


We accept Visa and MasterCard.


Naturally we do our best to keep prices down.  We hold the right to change prices if and when we must.

Order Fulfilment

Once an order is placed we will ship it within 7 days.

In some cases we may need up to 30 days.

Presently we are shipping via Canada Post.

We do reserve the right to not do business with some clients.


See each item for its warranty coverage.  Naturally wear and tear, and misuse are not warrantable.

Goods Damaged in Shipping

If a package is delivered to your door damaged, do not accept it. Signing is the same as accepting or receiving the package.

If an item is damaged in shipping, contact the shipper immediately to find out what can be done.


Items can be returned within 10 business days of receipt if they are unopened and unused.  In short, if the item and its packaging appear factory fresh there will be no problem returning it. To return an item, send us an e-mail so we can issue an RMA number.  In such an e-mail include:

  • The order number.
  • Your name.
  • The e-mail address at which we can reach you.
  • The shipping address the package will be shipping from.
  • A list of the items you are returning.

The RMA number must appear on the box when it arrives at our shipper's desk.  The price of sellable (factory fresh) goods will be reimbursed. Shipping fees and their taxes will not be reimbursed.

Ship the goods to or office, insured for their full value, and the tracking number e-mailed to our office.

     P.O. Box 647
     St. George Brant, ON
     N0E 1N0



Once returned goods arrive at our facility the funds (less shipping and tax on shipping) will be reimbursed to your credit card within 30 days.

Restocking Fee

We do not charge restocking fees.

Customer Errors

We are not liable for errors made by the customer when they place an order.  However if an error is made, contact us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do to correct it.

Exltek Errors

If Exltek made an error, either on the web site, shipping or order fulfilment, Exltek will correct the issue.  Please notifiy us as soon as possible if you notice an error.

Credit Card Data

We may not and do not retain your credit card number.

Merchant Services

We take a firm stance on credit card security, and have implemented a robust and highly secure e-commerce environment. Merchant services for are provided by Merchant, a leading Canadian provider of merchant accounts and secure credit card processing.

Duty and Brokerage

We design, manufacture and ship from Canada.  We have no control over duty, brokerage and like fees.  It is the customer's responsibility to pay all such fees.

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